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We know what you’re thinking. Shouldn’t there be a big Call-To-Action button up there? Well, we would like this to be more like a conversation; let's say we've met in a convention and they are doing one of those networking games. We will probably exchange cards in the end, but in the meantime we can have a cup of coffee and get to know each other a little. So... We are a small product design & development/UX studio located in sunny Israel. In the words of Steve Jobs, design is how things work and we are at our best when integrating technology with design to create simple and usable products. Design should be innovative, user friendly, smart and fun; but it also needs to live in the real world, answer business goals and work within given constraints. Our job is to know the boundaries and to know when to break them.
Anna Cates

Anna Cates / Creating things

Product Design & FED
Ben Cates

Ben Cates / Building things

Product Managment & Development


Employee Happiness Officer
In case you were wondering, we actually do have a studio cat. We also have a studio dog and a little girl named Emma. You might meet all three if we ever do a late night skype meeting.

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What can we do for you?

We create beautiful and highly usable products, be it an app, a website, a bot or something else entirely; we have done just that for companies such as RSA/EMC, Microsoft, IBM, Discount and Leumi Banks, Amdocs, AIG, Cellcom, Novartis, Payoneer, Timocco and the IDF.

Functional design

Our design is functional: every pixel has a reason behind it. After the initial research, we will define the flow of your product and create wireframes and mockups we can test. This is where your product’s DNA is defined, and once it's defined we create the visual concept to complete and enhance the UX.
The launch is just the beginning though: good design is always data driven, and nothing beats working with real users and real world analyics to find how to make your product even better.

Functional design
Developer friendly

Developer friendly

As a designer with coding experience and a developer who’s comfortable with Photoshop & Axure, we have a unique skill combination and viewpoint. We know how to work to make your developers’ life easy without compromising on the design or the experience, and can deliver detailed styleguides, pixel perfect FED code or a fully developed project.
Currently, our favourite tech includes Bootstrap+SASS, React and Elixir. If you know what the last one is, you’re welcome to join our small Elixir Israel community on Facebook.


If there is one thing we are really good at, that's the startup world. We love innovation, products that solve real problems, building things and the pace of startups. If you’re just starting out, we can help define core funcionality, get you all the way from an idea to a working product and come up with creative guerilla user testing ideas to get the data you need to give your users the right solution, within your budget and timeframe. Having built projects ourselves, we know how to define and test an MVP, learn and constantly iterate.

Some numbers

Some numbers

Our hourly price is 250NIS for design work, and 280NIS for development. Our longest project is 2 years long (and counting) and our shortest was 3 hours. How long will *your* project take? We can give you an estimate once we talk a bit.
If you are a startup in bootstrap mode - we’ve been there! Drop us a line for a (possible) startup discount.

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